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The LP3 Network Team
The LP3 Network Team

About LP3 Network


LP3 Network was founded to provide the healthcare community with exceptional programs in continuing education. At LP3 Network, we believe in raising the standards of healthcare through quality education and training. Our team of experts develop innovative and high-quality programs to provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed!

Our mission is to provide you with a platform of educational programs that will have a positive impact on your professional development within the healthcare industry

What is the significance of the name LP3 Network?

LP3 is indicative of our values and reinforces the importance of continued education in healthcare, including the niche market of compounding pharmacies:

  • L refers to learning and reflects the importance of continuing education which provides professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a continuously evolving and fast-paced industry.
  • P3 refers to the triad relationship between Physician, Pharmacist, and Patient. This triad relationship is fundamental to quality healthcare and is built upon a foundation of trust between all three parties.

LP3 Network’s logo reiterates this triad relationship, as each point of the triangle is meant to represent the Physician, Pharmacist, and Patient, respectively. The LP3 Network logo represents the synergistic relationship between the three elements of the healthcare triad.

Embark on a journey of knowledge with LP3 Network

  • Education is the foundation of our business;
  • We strive to empower the healthcare community through best practices;
  • At LP3 Network, we are committed to providing you with knowledge and expertise;
  • We believe in providing you with options – choose from our wide range of courses and training activities.

LP3 Network recognizes the need to provide today’s healthcare professionals with a unique experience in continuing education, while maintaining an emphasis on quality and integrity.

Register for one of our live training programs today and expand your knowledge and expertise with LP3!


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