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For over 10 years, global partners, MEDISCA, MEDISCA Network, and LP3 Network have devoted their resources, time, and efforts into hosting and executing pharmacy student initiatives across the United States. To date, MEDISCA’s financial investment alone, totals to over $1,000,000 - an investment that is immeasurable compared to the positive impact these initiatives have proven to have on preparing the next generation of compounding pharmacists. Together, these initiatives prepare and expose pharmacy students to the provisions of personalized medicine through compounding, facilitate networking opportunities with industry leaders, and ultimately augment opportunities for students as they enter the workforce.


Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition (SPCC)

Student Workshops

Student Laboratory Workbook + Supply Kit

*All registration fees include meals during event hours only. The registration fee does not include any costs related to, without limitation, meals outside of event hours, travel or accommodations and is the sole responsibility of the registrant.

†Minimum of 25 registrants per day is required. Following the purchase of a 1-day sterile ($395), 2-day non-sterile ($495), and 3-day combined ($695) student workshop, you will receive a full rebate of either a $395, $495, or $695, respectively, that can be applied to the purchase of LP3 Network’s program, The Science of Pharmaceutical Compounding: Non-Sterile Training or LP3 Network’s program, Essential Elements of Compounded Sterile Preparations. Cannot be combined with other promotions.

‡Restrictions apply. Contact your representative for more information.

Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) Compounding Competition

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