Our Commitment to Students of Healthcare Education
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Our Student Commitment: The Future of Pharmacy
Our Student Commitment: The Future of Pharmacy

Our Commitment to Students

We are committed to raising the standard of practice in pharmacy compounding by offering the
highest-quality training programs not only to the practicing pharmacist, but to the aspiring pharmacists of tomorrow.

Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition (SPCC)

LP3 Network is the proud sponsor of the Student Pharmacist Compounding Competition (SPCC). The SPCC is an annual event that is founded with the goal of providing student pharmacists with an educational experience that will increase their exposure to the pharmacy compounding industry.

The SPCC is more than just an annual competition; it is an astounding educational experience that exposes pharmacy students to the highest standards in compounding pharmacy practice, in order to strengthen the integrity of the profession. The SPCC is a rewarding and positive event that encourages student pharmacists to bring forth a sense of pride and prestige to themselves and their college by promoting excellence and expertise in the field of pharmacy compounding.


Through the use of the Student Compounding Society’s learning modules, LP3 Network has dedicated its resources to raising the standards of pharmacy practice by offering quality healthcare training. LP3 Network sees itself as a partner for young pharmacists who aspire to expand their practice; the Student Compounding Society will help to strengthen the confidence of pharmacy students and encourage them to take on leadership roles within the industry.

LP3 Network recognizes the importance of supporting our future pharmacists and educating them on how to produce a positive clinical outcome for their patients through optimal treatment options. The Student Compounding Society provides tools and resources to the next generation of compounding pharmacy experts; it is the very road that will lead student pharmacists to a higher standard of practice within the industry.


The Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) is an association of pharmacy students, pharmacy interns, and undergraduate pharmacy organizations across Canada. The association was developed to promote and advocate the interests of Canadian pharmacy students before organized bodies in pharmacy, as well as other professions, government officials, industry leaders, hospital personnel and the community as a whole.

LP3 Network is the proud sponsor of the annual CAPSI Compounding Competition where pharmacy students practice and build upon the practical skills they have learned in pharmacy schools across Canada. This competition aims to provide hands-on practical skills for students to build various drug delivery systems, including oral formulations, suppositories, and transdermal gels.


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