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1-Day NAPRA Seminar

  • Since the publication of NAPRA's Non-sterile Model Standards, we have trained over 300 pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
  • Our motto is to empower you with the knowledge you need to be compliant with NAPRA
  • Attend this program and you will receive a practical and applicable understanding of NAPRA’s non-sterile regulatory framework, including quality assurance, risk management, policies and procedures, preparation processes, facility design, equipment and technology, and much more – all with specific considerations for you provincial requirements
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3-Day Non-Sterile Training

  • NAPRA requires that all compounding personnel receive hands-on training in all compounding processes
  • Approaching 20 years on the market, our Non-sterile training is not only the #1 program in the nation, but has stood the test of time
  • Over 3 days, you will compound 9 formulas, applying standards that meet and exceed NAPRA requirements – SOPs, calculations, proper technique, cleaning, quality control and assurance, and more
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Medisca Network Support

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Easy to implement, customizable, and compliant with NAPRA’s Model Standards – Our SOPs are the foundation for facilitating your day-to-day compliance

Specialized Consultation Services

  • A big component of NAPRA’s standards is risk assessment. Partner with one of our industry leading subject-matter experts to walk you through all your individual needs from gap analysis, to risk assessment, to facility design, and more

Formulation Support

  • We know formulas are your bread and butter. Join our Network and gain access to over 8000 formulas – Master Formulation Records (MFR) are required by NAPRA and our formulas make up a large component of that

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Don't just take it from us - see what your peers have to say:

“I would highly recommend MEDISCA Network’s SOPs as they turned out to be very simple and time efficient. The Alberta College of Pharmacy approved my site in the first visit. All we did was attend LP3’s NAPRA Seminar and applied the knowledge along with the SOPs – it turned out to be a game changer!”

Valaykumar Rajgor, Pharmacist

“We passed our Annual Assessment with flying colours due to MEDISCA Network and LP3 Network’s support! MEDISCA Network’s SOPs were easy to customize and included NAPRA requirements. LP3’s Non-sterile program and NAPRA seminar helped clarified uncertainties. Could not have done it without them!”

Labib Ula, Pharmacist

“The new standard and guidance document were extremely confusing and hard to interpret. LP3 Network’s seminar cleared up all the questions I had and presented ways to make the interpretations much simpler. The presenter, Quinton Didyk, was very knowledgeable and was able to thoroughly answer the questions every attendee had. The seminar itself was organized and well timed, with helpful workbooks and planners that are definitely coming in handy throughout the implementation process. The overall event was engaging and fun!"

Beatrice De Vera, Pharmacy Business Development Manager

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